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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by emmie-chan, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. emmie-chan

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    GRRR!! i have (yet) another problem! my computer screen forever has a pinkish tint to it. once in a blue moon, it becomes normal again, so an otherwise white screen is... actually white. this didn't really start becoming a problem until the last week or so. before then, for about... oh, i'd say about 2.5 weeks to a month, it'd flicker white-pink-white-pink-white for a lil bit and then go back to normal.


    my friend said that it could be because i have something magnetic too close to my monitor ~ i.e. speakers. but my speakers are sitting higher than my monitor and i've had my computer for like over a year now. i've hit the degauss button on my monitor and all i get is a shaking and still PINK! ARGH!! :mad: oh, and i've tried turning off the monitor for periods of time, like when i'm at work or just when i'm not using it, but it hasn't helped. *sigh*

    please help. ten q.
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    I thought girls like pink :p

    You need to DEguass your monitor

    Degauss is a very important function that helps you restore your monitor when colours are distorted or you noticed weird colours at the corners of your monitor. This is cause by magnetization that can be caused by jerking the monitor, shifting to a different direction or moving it across the globe (different magnetic field). The degauss control removes magnetization from your monitor

    Use the degauss control lightly. You should only degauss if you see color purity problems. Otherwise, don't use it. Too much degaussing stresses the circuitry components and overheats the large coil around the CRT. If possible, when the display clears up, shut down the monitor/computer for a while to let it cool down.

    Newer monitors have a DEguass function built in - check your manual

    You can also get it done manually with a gun.
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    yah... i degauss-ed it before i posted this problem... *sigh* i give up ~ right now, i'm getting white (some time between putting up that post and like this morning, it went back to normal). i'mma enjoy it while it lasts. :eek:

    and as for the color pink ~ yeah, i guess the girly girls like it. i, for one, have never liked the color ~ blue's more my thang. :cool:

    oh, and thanks for the reply, max. :) greatly appreciated.
  4. SupaTek

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    It sounds as if you have a dry joint (bad connection) on the CRT base. Try giving the monitor a gentle tap to see what happens.
    I repair these damn things for a living!
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    Yep... i had a monitor do that, like an evenly pink transparent film over the entire screen. It would flicker on me off and on... sometimes worse than hurts when you looking at a normal screen then flickers to pink or vise versa.

    I used to tap it... and it would clear up.. But the damn monitor gets ammuned to it... I eventually was completely beating the stuffing out of it to get it to stop. After awhile I got tired of it and just gave in and bought another monitor.

    I think when your screen gets a tint to it like that (red or pink) ussually a circruit card bad of some sort. Probably cheaper to get a new one rather than repair it.

    It isnt a "shamrock" monitor by chance is it? thats what mine was.
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    I had a monitor that did that only with a blue film over it.. i had to replace the cable to fix the problem
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    thanks for all the replies, guys... yeah, i'mma have to take a look to see if that's the problem with my monitor. right now, it's been normal for almost a week, now. *crossing fingers* i'm so lazy to really see, thoe. haha.
  8. Lactic.Acid

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    How old is it? If it's under warranty, call and get a new one. I wouldn't bother trying to just get by because you risk running out of warranty if it's not already gone.
  9. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.
    my first guess would be that your monitor is on it's way out. better start shopping around for a new one...
  10. emmie-chan

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    *sigh* already?! i've had my computer for about, oh, a year and half now, i think. i'm not sure ~ all i know is that yesterday was baaaaaad. damn thing kept flickering. made me so woozy... *double sigh*
  11. Lactic.Acid

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    emmmie, just pray your warranty is still good