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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by heavenlee, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. heavenlee

    heavenlee Guest

    I just bought a sony vaio with windows xp, I am new to the xp and this may be normal, but I sure hope not.
    When I download a picture file, I can not open it in any program,
    and can not view it whether it be a jpeg bitmap or a gif...windows xp just does not recognize it. Hope that someone can help
  2. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    try downloading acdsee. Thats what I use...but with winXP, you should be able to view the pics on its default viewer...wierd.
  3. Khayman

    Khayman I'm sorry Hal... Political User Folding Team

    try right clicking on the file then selecting "open with", the select "other", find the program that you want and tick the "always open with this program" box, then press OK
  4. mudguts

    mudguts Guest

    this may help you
    windows update site-
    has a fix for xp and sony viao problem,
    it may fix your issue
    I hope it does
  5. heavenlee

    heavenlee Guest

    Thanks mudguts and Bootsy,
    I did get the acdsee...and downloaded the updates from the sony site..and Wal..Lah I am now a downloading fool..lol
    Thank you again...Heaven