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  1. Just pick a number from 1 to 5 and we will see which number is the best. It doesn't have to be your favorite number. It doesn't have to be your least favorite number. I'm just trying to find the number that is the biggest winner. When and if you make your decision, don't pick a loser. Hell, I'm gonna put one finger on each key from my left hand and push at the same time to find the winner. LET'S FIND A WINNER!!!
  2. ok I can't find a winner by pushing all the keys at once. My vote will be derived from the first number pressed in the address bar when I push the keys down at once.
  3. we got a 5 here
  4. xsk8zerox

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    im just about that bored to
  5. Lithium

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    can i pick 7 ? oh well too late lol
  6. wow that was gay.
  7. gonaads

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    What's a number?
    And why do I have to pick it? :p