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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mrs_PinkyBear, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. I am running Windows XP Home Edition on a Compaq Persario with 40 GB UltraDMA Hard Drive and 128 MB SyncDRAM Total System Memory. Here is my concern when I view my task manager 129456k of total physical memory with 36680k available and sysytem cache is 55704k. This concerns me, should i be? If so how to I fix this.

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    128Mb is about the bare minimum for an XP system. You'd like 384-512 ideally, but at least 256 to get any kind of performance.
  3. I am relitively new to the whole computer thing so could someone tell me how i can upgrade from 128 MB?
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    if you have another memory slot then uprading should be simple but if you have all available memory slots filled your gonna have to get rid of one stick and buy say 256mb and yeh 128 mb is the bog standard for windows to run so a memory upgrade is very beneficial 4 u
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    Click on the Crucial link at the top of the page and order the memory you want. Crucial will also send you instructions for installing the memory.