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Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Dexter, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    help i need a personel webbserver for my computer only it has to be small adn easy to download
  2. Electronic Punk

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    well you have IIS on your WindowsXP cd which can be installed via ADD/REMOVE programs, then you can download php...

    or you could download apache and then get php, imagine you would also need mysql too.
  3. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    i need somthing that is only on my computer
    like microsoft personal webserver

    and not bigger than like 4 mb
  4. DrMetallica

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    then go get microsoft personal webserver.

    i have apache on my comp but i only use it for school. something like foxserv is a godsend. if you wanted php then you better know how to use it, and of course you would need mySQL too.

    ps its all free ;)
  5. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    it need to be smaller

    and i dont have win 98 cd
  6. DrMetallica

    DrMetallica OSNN Senior Addict

    you're just sh!t outta luck then.

    there is no webserver that is smaller than an mp3 file. face it.

    delete some porn, and go get a good webserver from or and youll be fine
  7. elderec

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  8. Plexapotamus

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    Apache is pretty easy to install, you can download it in a MSI package. Your subject was PHP server, so I'm assuming that you also want to install and configure PHP for your server as well...
    Apache and PHP are a great combination, although if you're going to do this then download Apache version 1.3.26, because the newer version is somewhat more difficult to install PHP with.
  9. Static 99

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    KF Web Server (624K)

    KF Web Server is a free HTTP Server that can host an unlimited number of web sites.
    Its small size, low system requirements and easy administration make it the perfect choice for both professional and amateur web developers alike.

    Core Functionality:

    HTTP/1.1 support
    Implements the latest HTTP standard, 1.1 to provide request pipelining, range downloads and browser cache support for enhanced performance.

    Works great with PHP, PERL, Python and other scripting languages.

    etc, etc
  10. elderec

    elderec Guest

    thanks for the info static 99, I was looking for something just like this :)
  11. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    you s#!?

    i just find one that is only 640 kB

    HA HA HA
  12. Dexter

    Dexter Guest

    thank all

    i got what i needed
  13. w0lv3rin3

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    Apachie Web Server is the best