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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by bheagle, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. bheagle

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    Ok here's the deal every Fresh boot first time run of photoshop, it tells me it can't load the MMX routines, now I have no idea why it's trying to load then unless it's a plugin in the photoshop 6 dir, but I was curious if anyone can give me a reason for this.. I have both plug in dirs added to the Photoshop 7 prefs is this bad?
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    bheagle, I just ran a search in my P/shop 5 files, and I found something called MMXCore, which is a 8BX file. It is in Photoshop.X/plugins/extensions. Maybe you could try to copy the file from the program disc (probably not tho), or just re-install Photoshop, as it seems that this file is corrupt.

    Hope this helps. :D

  3. bheagle

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    Thx but I guess Photoshop 7 can't use the file... Incompatable. weird tho.....

    Thanks again
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    hey man

    I've had to download that program 3 times cause of screwey files and stuff....however as they say 3rd time's a charm..... i installed it yesterday....clean and simple and works great....and i've got a screwey registry at the moment and it works...that's incredible.

    So i suggest you redownload it (if thats what u did b4)....this is the link i used and it's quite fast and sweet...

    url removed: no links to warez, please

    good luck :)
  5. bheagle

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    mine is not downloaded, and all my files are ok, but because I was using the plugins from version 6 dir, the mmx file can't be loaded in photoshop 7 they don't work together.