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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by neoterixx, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. neoterixx

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    Does anyone know how to clean up red eye in photoshop 6.0 ?
  2. greendevil

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    Quick & Dirty solution:
    1. Unzip the attachment to Photoshop 6.0\Plug-in-program or wherever you may have the plug-ins
    2. Open the picture with red eyes
    3. Mark the pupils
    4. Filter > PhotoDeLuxe > Remove Red Eye and simsalabim!

    This method is often best at smaller pictures.
    There are other filters around.
  3. greendevil

    greendevil Guest

    For a more "1337" solution, you can do something like this:
    (I prefer this, keeps the pupils natural structure and the light reflections in the eye)

    1. Open the Channel Palette and find the Channel with the best pupil, chances are that it'll be the GREEN one, and most often not the red...

    2. Mark both pupils

    3. Feather the selections say 1px (a tip is to save the selection as a channel if you wanna go back and adjust something later on)

    4. While still in that (green) channel, copy the selections.

    5. With the selections still active, go to the red channel and paste in the pupils. Do the same with the 3rd channel (blue)

    6. No click the RGB-channel...voila! Pure Magic, eh?

    So, what we essentially do is just copy the GOOD pupils from one colour channel to the bad ones. Neat, huh?

    Well if you feel this is way to much work just go with the filters as I described in the previous post.
  4. neoterixx

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    What tool do I use to mark the pupils Im new to photoshop 6.:D
  5. greendevil

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    I don't wanna be mean or anything, but try playing around a'll learn a lot more that way. It's not dangerous...

    OK anyhow, it's the elliptical marquee tool, which you can access "under" the rectangular marquee tool, or by pressing SHIFT+M one/two times.

    You can mark two (or more) areas at the same time by pressing shift & marking the second(/third/fourth...) one.

    Good Luck mate!
  6. neoterixx

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    Ur right im lazy :(