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    I have a pcvc665k, won't install on xp. need advice. ALSO, I put win 98 in, had the partition, now I got no 98 in the part, but spooling on xp. I run a virus scan and get another spool, I'm up to 14. need to get it , win 98, out of xp and re-install, all on the same com. any help ?:rolleyes: answer here or brys13@hotmail.:happy: have a nice day everyone, war is coming.
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    I will have to look around more but, This Link says that Windows 2000 and XP are not supported with that camera.
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    Can confirm your camera does not work on XP as I have the same one and had to replace it.
    If you installed Win 98 after XP that is your problem.
    Delete the partition with Partition Magic etc and install 98 on one partition.
    Add a further partition and install XP, use "Boot Magic" etc, as the Boot Manager to run either / or from bootup.
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    Well with my cam i searched everywhere for drivers but then gave up, i later relised that xp supports it without drivers :D