Phantom Typing

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mvpinboynton, Feb 14, 2002.

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    My computer has become possessed. When using Outlook Express with XP (on or off line) periodically your typing will be delayed and then a bunch of words and symbols will just start typing. I have been using XP since October without any problems and out of the blue a gremlin has come along. I talked with an IS guy at the office and he had it when he was using Office XP, but it went away when he went back to Office 2000. I have been using Office 2000 and never upgraded. I am stumped at what could have gone wrong. Any ideas?
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    If you have a mic attached to the PC disable it or disconnect it from the system and see if that problem disappears. I had the same problem and had not configured voice recognition nor did I want to and my box was typing all sorts of weirdness all by itself. As soon as I unhooked the mic the problem went away. Hope this helps you out.
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    Thanks so much for the recommendation. When I first posted this message I got an email from a reader that told me the same thing. I have an on/off switch on the mike. I turned it off and haven't had problem since. It is great to be able to fix such a strange problem so easily. Thanks again for responding.