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    Anyone use this?

    Bear with me while I relate my little tale...

    Someone sent my web site an email the other day that he wanted to send us some info. However, he said that he insisted on using PGP to encrypt his message.

    So I scurried off to do some research into PGP, and found that there isn't actually an XP version. Or a version that works comepletley. It was a little confusing.

    Luckily, one of my Win 98-using friends came online and was able to take care of the dodgy decrypting and then passed the stuff over to me.

    But, has anyone used PGP on XP? Any advice or experiences to relate?

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    Look here

    About the middle of the article - looks like XP has been left out!
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    I been using PGP 7.03 Desktop from 98 thru' Me and with XP, no problems whatsoever.

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    ive used versions 5 and upwards on xp with no problemos whatsoever....
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    Provided you ONLY install the mail option in 7.0.3 then you will be OK with XP. The VPN and Firewall option causes all sorts of trouble.

    The latest version of PGP is 7.1.1 but that is a commercial release. Again, provided you do not install either the VPN or Firewall option, PGP will run fine on an XP machine.

    I've been using PGP 7.1.1 Mail and Disk options with no trouble at all.


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    PGP info

    Yes do NOT install the firewall/network part when you install PGP from or you will regret it!!!!!!!!!!

    Just install pgp without those and you'll be fine.
    PGP is Pretty Good Privacy that uses public key cryptography.

    Meaning you have a public key and a private key. Spread your public key into the wild and let as many people have that one who wants it. This is how they can encrypt a message to you and only you!

    Keep the public key private. This is the key that will unencrypt a message encrypted with your public key.

    Your public key cannot decrypt messages that were encrypted with your public key, only your private key can do this.

    This is also a good way to *SIGN and ENCRYPT* your message. meaning the recipient can verify that YOU actually sent them the message and not someone with malicious intent.

    You have to have encrypt a message with the person whom you're sending mail to, with their public key. This is great. I'm glad your friend is promoting PGP and encryption..

    Did you know that when you send an email to someone, all the servers inbetween YOU and the RECPIENT's computer can read your email. It's just plan text information that's routed across the internet.

    It's like sending a post card through the USPS with your name address, phone number and personal/intimate details you don't want anyone else to see.

    I encourage EVERYONE to support and use email encryption on a dailly basis for all your email, chat etc... activities. You can even encrypt files to yourself! so people on your computer can't snoop.

    ALSO, try to keep a LONG but easily remembered password for your private key. This is crucial, because if someone has the password to your private key, they can POSE as you to everyone else. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!

    -my 0.02c
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