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    a friend of mine have a macintosh. he make siferent user just like winxp... but, he can restrict the folder taht i can view, the programs that i can use, etc...
    winxp have this options?
  2. ntfs system perhabs? instead of fat32
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    mmm...i have fat32 only...
  4. so if u want to use the permissions and compression and encription u'll have to conver to ntfs from fat32, u can do it with out formating, just go to help and search for "ntfs"
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    You cna convert from Fat32 to NTFS in the command prompt:

    Start - Run - CMD
    type in c: /FS:NTFS
    assuming you want to convert drive c:

    You will also need to visit Microsoft's web site for more help on setting up permissions.

    P.S once the drive is changed to NTFS you cannot got back to Fat32.
  6. i think u can by deleting that ntfs partition or something like that
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    You can only relly got back to FAt32 from NTFS by formating the drive and starting over - Partition magic claim to be able to do it on the fly -but I have never had it work for me.