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    As you can see, I have a laptop with a Pentium M 730 CPU (1.6 ghz). CPU-Z shows that it uses the mPGA-479M package.

    I (stupidly, I know) bought a Pentium M 760 CPU (2.0 ghz) off eBay, and assumed it also had the same package. After paying for it, I decided to look at the properties of said CPU, only to find out that there's two types for this CPU. One that with an sSpec# SL7SM (which is the one I bought), and it uses 478 pins. The other one has an sSpec# SL7SQ, and it uses 479 pins.

    I can't believe I made this rookie mistake :dead:

    Does anyone know if I can use the 478 pin CPU safely in my laptop? I'm not sure what that extra pin does...

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    I could be a bit off here, but the 479pin models are the true Pentium M Processors. They replaced the 478pin models because they weren't up to snuff with performance and generated too much heat. I know there are upgrade kids to go from 478 to 479 pin sockets, but not sure if you can go backwards.

    EDIT: As an addendum, here's a decent review regarding the 478 to 479 process...

    Some pictures there, which also show the upgrade kits to let you run it. As I said before, not sure if reverse engineering is a possibility.
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