Pentium III or Duron?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by HzrnBgy, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. HzrnBgy

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    Hey guys, whats the better solution?A Pentium III or an AMD Duron of the same clock speed. I'm tight on budget
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  3. chastity

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    Well which of those processors you get I think depend's on what your planning on doing on the system. Playing games like Quake III or Neverwinter Night I would go with the Pentium III if your are going to play card games, word processing, web surfing, etc then I would go with the Duron. But the final choice is yours alone to make but there are a few things to keep in mind.
  4. HzrnBgy

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    im really not into gaming so i think AMD just won another customer. thanks guys. thats all what i need. by the way, is there any temperature related problems in the durons? im not into overclock but just want to know if somebody ever came across temp problem at ambient temp.
  5. jonocainuk

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    durons are just made for overclocking imho.

    nearly everyone who i know that has a duron has overclocked it lol.

    so in theory, you'll get more speed for your money with a duron.
  6. Nick M

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    Go with Duron.
  7. blinden

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    You can go with either processor, but with the slower speed, if you get a lot of ram, the performance will increase greatly, I would suggest at least 512 MB, seeing that it will probably just be PC133, it will be relativily cheap
  8. Cosmin

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    If I were you I would choose a Pentium III , no reason almost ..
  9. Jz1397-5

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    pentium iii has a good performance, but durons overclock very easy, which means more speed for the same money.
  10. Bman

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    Petium 3 !!
  11. Taurus

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    almost is right... }:>
    p3 is slower and more expensive
  12. blinden

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    in reality though, you should be comparing durons to celerons, not full blown PIII's because of the cache difference, and cache is pretty expensive.
  13. leebobs

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    duron or low end Athlon, both cheaper than PIII
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    Duron - they also are happy to work up to around 70° but the PIII get flacky at 45°
  15. mbunny

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    You must have had some screwed up P4's... I was in Malaysia recently (their temperatures are very hot and humid... low 20's at night and high 30's during the day. Celcius)

    My cousin was running a P3 866... He did not have ANY cooling except for the stock cooler that came with his P3... He ran at 47 degrees... 70 degrees is stuffed.
  16. gonaads

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    I would get one of the lower speed Athlons not a Duron.

    You can get an Athlon 1700+ 1.47GHz/266MHz, Boxed (in a Factory Box with Factory Heatsink and Fan/Factory Warranty) for $90.00 U.S.

    A 1.3GHz Duron Boxed is $70.00 U.S.

    And the Athlon would be better than the Pentium III.

    A Pentium III 1.13GHz "A" 133/256K Flip-Chip is $125.00 U.S.

    A Pentium III 1.13GHz 133/512K Flip-Chip is $170.00 U.S.

    You do the math. :D

  17. ManMountain

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    Switched from a P3 800 to this current Duron. Things Zzzo00mm now :) (Albeit with a slight temperature increase).

    Duron running temp:
    Chasis: 37C
    Processor: 47C (idle) 49/50C (Stressed)

    P3 running temp:
    Chasis: 35C
    Processor: 42C (idle) 50/52C (Stressed)

    Not too long and I'll be whipping out the Duron for an AthlonXP :)
  18. ManMountain

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    This is my second non-Intel processor. Apart from a K6 200 way back, I've always had Intel based cpu's.

    But I have to say that while folk may pour scorn on the "puny" Duron, for me at the moment, this 1.3 GHz stomps through everything I throw at it, which for £140 (£55 for cpu plus £55 for mobo and £30 for the hsf) is a bargain upgrade :)
  19. gonaads

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    Good for you ManMountain.

    Nice sig. :)