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    Yo y'all.
    I need a new PIII motherboard because I blew up my old one (don't ask how). For now, can anyone recommend a good quality Pentium III motherboard (I will be getting a new comp soon, and want this as a temporary/backup comp) ?
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    Aopen AX3S Pro-U

    Key Features

    Support PC133 SDRAM DIMM
    Jumper-less Design
    Special Military Grade BLACK PCB
    Enlarged Aluminum Heatsink for Better Heat Dissipation
    CPU clock ratio from 4 to 12.0
    Integrated 2D/3D Graphics Engine with Dynamic Video Memory Technology
    - Integrated 24-bit 230Mhz RAMDAC
    - Integrated H/W Motion Compensation Engine
    And, One AGP Slot for 4X / 2X / 1X AGP Graphic Card Upgrade
    Support Digital Video Interface
    (optional LCD/TV output module)
    AC'97 2.1 Audio support / Audio Codec onboard
    DIE-HARD BIOS with External Control (Optional)
    CPU Vcore Adjustment for Overclockers through BIOS setting
    1MHz Stepping Frequency Adjustment
    Watch Dog Timer
    Dr. LED (Upgrade optional)
    Dr. Voice II
    Chassis Intrusion Detector
    Supports 4 USB ports
    Support Ultra DMA/66/100 HDD
    (Additional UDMA/100 Cable included)
    Hardware Monitoring
    Wake On LAN / Timer / Keyboard / Mouse / Modem / PCI Device
    PCI Rev 2.2 Compliant
    Resetable Fuse Providing Short Circuit Protection for Keyboard and USB Device
    AC Power On Auto Recovery
    ACPI S3(Suspend to RAM) & S4 (Suspend to Disk) support
    Year 2000 Compliant
    AOpen Bonus Pack CD (Norton Anti-Virus included)

    Sound & graphics can be easily disabled, there is good control over FSB , 1Mhz stepping. Hardware monitoring, PCI 2.2, 4 USB ports.

    My last 3 boards have all been AOpen, they worked perfectly, and are quality built boards.

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