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    I would like to know some information about the Philips CD Recorder PCRW-1208 12x8x32 (also known as CDD4851).
    Does it support overburn?
    Does it have buffer underrun protection?
    Does it support 90 minutes CD-R?
    Is it totally compatible with CloneCD?
    Does it support copying cds with Safedisk 2 protection?
    Does it support reading and recording data on the subchannel?
    Does it support CD-Text?
    Does it support RAW-DAO 96 recording?
    Does it support RAW-DAO 94 recording?
    Does it support RAW-DAO 16 recording?
    Does it support RAW 96 reading?
    Does it support RAW 16 reading?
    Does it support RAW reading?

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    Um why not just go to phillips site and check, as for clone cd goto their site and check, and you can check gamecopyworld.com to find out more as they have drive listings sometimes

    since it's blatantly obvious by your name that you want to use the driver for game/warez copying
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    I couldn't find this information on those sites!