PCMACLAN/W98 user needs to add XP, assistance required.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Rob Howells, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Rob Howells

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    I have an existing W98 machine which is networked directly (no hub) to a Mac Powerbook using appletalk PCMACLAN. Now I need to add to this network an XP PC. Can this be done? I am pretty new to networking and have read up on many of the tutorials and think I can link to two PC's up using TCIP and a singe crossover lead but then I'd loose my mac connection, so it looks like I need a hub, but then would the mac be happy on this?

    Anyway I'd appriciate any assistance any of you are able to offer.


    Rob Howells
  2. waddy

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    MACLAN is supported by XP, instead of a hub, grab a switch much the same price, just switches are better.

    Your MAC wont have a problem using a hub or switch, its just like plugging straight into the PC.

    FYI : Appletalk Protocol was discontinued with XP


    MACLAN is a good choice
  3. Rob Howells

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    Hi Waddy

    Thanks for that, could you tell me the differences between the hub and switch, just getting my shopping list together!

  4. cashishift

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    a router would also fix this problem..

    would enable connectivity on both end, with file sharing, and a built in firewall..