PCI bandwith issue

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    i have a high point raid controler on my D915PBL motherbaord. there are 2 arrays set up. 2 from the motherboard Sata controler. and the other of a 600gb raid from the high point.

    there is one problem tho. when ever i send data faster than 10MBPS (Mega Bytes) it will lock up the system and every thing will LEGG like mad, even mouse and then the array will die and i reboot and its all good. if i move the data through the network its all good but HDD to HDD its bad.

    i am assumiung this is the bandwith issue with my PCI bus or something similar. because in anouither computer it works fine.

    all devices except for USB are turned off. and there is only one other card in the computer and that is the video which is an x600pro.

    does anyone know how i can fix this issue?
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    Re: PCI bacnwith issue

    This sounds like possibly a bad PCI bus. Have you tried moving the card to a different PCI slot and trying again?