pci adsl modem and AOL?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cinder, May 31, 2004.

  1. cinder

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    how do you setup and use a PCI ADSL modem with aol broadband? As the crappy bt voyager one keeps disconnecting us.

    I am not sure how to set this up, as aol is different, as it has it's own sign on interface so i assume you wouldn't use the regular one that comes with the modem?

    I'm not sure..

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    well you install the card in a pci slot, (zoom pci adsl is great, make sure pc is unplugged from mains and you have no static, discharge all static from yourself, where a static band or touch sides of pc unit) boot, when fully booted install software from supplied disk, shut down switch off power, then switch on Plugin adsl cord, setup filter correctly, reboot and then it will start going through some drivers to install. It asks you to select your country uk etc, it will then install these drivers when done will reboot or you can do it yourself.

    By voyager has a patch you can get on aol site if speed is gretaer than 512. Maybe that could be problem. It might be the usb is turning itself off. May not just be the modem, I would also suggest staying with aol 8 as aol sure has problems with firewalls.

    On that note I think it has some code to stop it working correctly with only Macafee firewall as this is supplied free of charge by aol.
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    i managed to get on aol with my pci conexant adsl modem, but it seems to start making this clicking noise and disconnecting the adsl connection. Sometimes in 1-2hrs. but usually within 5 minutes!!

    I have been forced to go back to the crappy bt voyager 100 modem!!! Can you direct me to this patch as i cannot find it..

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    Lee - thougt you might want to know, my 3 'puters are all running AOLv9 with a mixture of Norton 2003/2004 Firewalls (as is my brother & lots of mates) with no problems whatsoever.
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    Don't work for me !!!! :(

    Patch's #1 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q307271

    further info.

    »[ADSL] BT Bradband modem disconnect all the time

    If your speed is 512k you don't need the voyager modem patch.

    If 1024k you may need this: http://www.voyager.bt.com/usb100/downloads/BTVoyager100ADSLModem.zip

    AOL you should have to contact if this driver is incorrect, further drivers can be found by browsing:


    Also/ you might want to make sure the connection, filter another filter in each phone socket, main adsl cable from pc going into main socket not extension etc.

    http://www.world-of-adsl.com/ is a good resource.

    If it gets worse phone aol, won't cost you anything.