Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Code_Cutter, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. Code_Cutter

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    I have recently installed pcAnyhere 10.5 and it seems to work fine, the only problem is it has now changed the way I logon after bootup. Instead of selecting the user from the welcome screen, I now have to enter the username and password as you did with Win2000.
    Is there anyway around this? I have tried going through control panel > user accounts > change the way a user logs on.
    But this is no longer an option.
    Any help would be appreciated.:rolleyes:
  2. djwhite

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    Start, Run, "control userpasswords2", uncheck "users must enter a name and password..."
  3. debonairone

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    What you need to do is download the upgrade (liveupdate) for pcAnwhere 10.5.1 and that will restore fast user switching... and then perform the above function...
  4. LiquidMorph

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    u're right.. i've been using pcanywhere ever since and v10.5.1 build 505 what the first that allowed that cute logon :)