Pc Won't Boot-up On Cdrom

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by percy, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. percy

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    Hi. my pc can't boot-up on the cdrom. the setup is to boot-up first on the cdrom drive then hdd but it continues to the hdd right away. the win-explorer can see the cdrom drive but can't read any cdrom. i did change the cdrom bec i thought the cdrom was dirty but still the problem remains. i did try to uninstall the IDE 2nd channel and installed itself back, did try to load different type of cd, data/audio/bootable. still the problem exists.
    what could be wrong?
  2. VenomXt

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    try a new IDE cable for it.
  3. dreamliner77

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    make sure jumper is set correctly

    make sure you are using a known good bootlable cd (test in another box)

    Uninstalling ide channel, etc will do no good since it is pre windows

    test to see if you can boot from floppy