pc reboots when playing games

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by kaiwen, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. kaiwen

    kaiwen Guest

    My pc will suddenly reboot when i'm playing Warcraft 3?
    what is the problem with the PC?

    i have a pentium 1.6mhz, 256 ram, a nvidia tnt2 model 64.

    Please could anyone help
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    Video Card can't handle the job, looks like to me, either update the drivers, (don't use the windows update drivers, get the drivers at Nvidia), or buy a better video card.

    Nvidia Drivers

  3. kaiwen

    kaiwen Guest

    will try the to download new drivers however only last week, i did down the newest nvidia driver from the microsoft website
    thanks for the advice
  4. allan

    allan Guest

    Go to System Properties, Advanced Tab, Startup & Recovery Settings and uncheck "Automatically Restart". Next time your system encounters the error you'll see a blue screen instead of rebooting. Tell us what the error on the blue screen is.

    You can also look in the event viewer and see what errors you are getting.
  5. where you playing over the internet?

    having the same prob. pinpointed it to my 10/100 networking card, i have a linksys 10/100 networking card and it reboots after almost every game over multiplayer.
  6. Khimaros

    Khimaros Guest

    I had EXACTLY the same problem

    i updated everything and it was still rebooting.
    eventually, i found it was my intellipoint software.
    i was using version 4.0 i think (possibly 4.1)
    anyway, try deactivating intellipoint software if u have it.
    other than that, try to run it with nothing else running, but i'd bet my ass thats the problem....
  7. How many watts is you power supply?
  8. Cosmin

    Cosmin Graphic Designer

    New drivers will surelly ( 80%:rolleyes: ) help you .
  9. kaiwen

    kaiwen Guest

    hey cosmin
    what new drivers, cause i have already downloaded Microsoft latest nvidia driver.
  10. Resonance

    Resonance Guest

    Check your power supply ( as suggested above). I had the same problem playing wolf after I installed some new ram. Wasn't enough juice to keep everything happy. I upgraded to a 400w PS and everything is smooth.

  11. Azzuron

    Azzuron Guest

    Sounds like overheating to me. My gf has this problem. Anytime she plays a CPU intence game her system shuts off at some random time.
  12. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    My advice to u is to not use the Microsoft drivers, use the drivers from Nvidia,

    u can get them here

  13. kaiwen

    kaiwen Guest

    hey azzuron
    what should i do in this case(over heated)?
    add a internal fan?
  14. Resonance

    Resonance Guest

    That also is a good possibility....

    My harddrives were cooking a few times and caused alot of errors. I went out and picked up two HD coolers, its just a small heat sink with two fan that blow on the hardrive. Check out coolerguys.com.

    If you have the case open and after you shut down, just kinda feel the harddrive and see if its really hot. There are a few software temperature monitors, but I really don't trust them.

    There are alot of limitations on cooling based solely on the case. SOme R&D case designers really don't think about airflow too well. I now have a front fan blowing in, hitting the harddrives, and an exhaust (12cm fan just turned around) blowing out the back.

    I used to keep the sides of my computer off, but its just a dust magnet then. There has been many of times I just cracked the sides open and put a desk fan blowing right in there. Its not the best things to do, last resort maybe? but it works.

    Fans are cheap, but depending one the mother board, you have a limited number of the 3 pin fan connectors. 4 pin are available if you have a few extra power sockets free.

    Good luck.