PC ---> PC How do you connect them VIA TCP/IP

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  1. OK folks, I have 2 PCs, equipped with NIC cards each and I am using a 10/100 HUB:

    PC #1:
    IP address to
    Subnet Mask to
    Default Gateway

    PC #2:
    IP Address is:

    Subnet Mask

    Default Gateway

    When I attemp to connect, they don't seem to see or "sniff" each other out, I know there is something missing since when I ping, I get connection timed out.

    Please provide assistance.
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    Sounds good to me...

    Anyway, are the NIC and hub lights on? Any activity during ping?
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    Are you using a crossover cable?
  4. To be honest, the 2nd PC is actually my Xbox

    I am trying to accomplish this:



    And yes, I am thinking about getting a cross-over cable insetad

    I just went out and purchased a cross-over cable (to bypass my HUB altogether), and followed this instruction to the T, but still when I PING my Xbox form my PC, I get the Request Timed Out message.

    1. The first step is to make sure you PC has a static internal IP address. Go into your NIC's TCP/IP Properties, and check off "Use the Following IP address:". Next, where it says IP address, enter: Where it says Subnet Mask, enter: Click on Ok, and exit.

    2. If you have loaded the EvolutionX dashboard onto your Xbox, and you want to assign your Xbox a Static IP, go into Network, and under Static IP, enter: 192.168.0.x (where x is a number from 2 - 255). For the Default Gateway, enter:

    3. If, however, you are using ICS or Winroute on your main PC, you already have a DHCP server, and it really isn't necessary to load the EvolutionX dashboard onto your Xbox HDD So in this case, the IP assigned to the Xbox by the DHCP server (on your computer) will be done automatically each time the Xbox is turned on. In other words, the Xbox will be assigned a dynamic IP, which will be different each time the Xbox is turned on. The only way to have a static IP on the Xbox is to follow step 2.

    Would you please help out? I mean I can’t understand what is wrong in my settings.

    Many thanks in advance.

    p.s. consider this help as a B-Day gift!

    It is my B-Day today!

    I am running XP Pro on my PC, and I am using cross-over instead to bypass the HUB altogether, but with no luck. my PC simply won't "sniff" the Xbox, (even when I PING its IP via CMD PROMPT)
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    Weeee, congrats! *celebrates*

    Now try this:
    1. Turn on ICS on your Internet interface on your computer (you have two interfaces, yes?). The other interface will get as IP.
    2. Reboot the XBOX. As you stated above the XBOX should now have received an IP. Check so that it has.
    3. Everything should be fine and the XBOX should be able to access the network.

    The above is based on your network looking like this: