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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ronenph1, Jul 6, 2002.

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    Hey there,

    is there a way to keep being online (with a dial-up modem) when the pc is in standby mode ?

    I can't do it
    I'll be happy if someone helps.

    BTW, what is the "Hibernate" mode?
    what does it do ?
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  2. brunsodj

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    Don't think so


    "Hibernation - A state in which your computer shuts down after saving everything in memory on your hard disk. When you bring your computer out of hibernation, all programs and documents that were open are restored to your desktop."


    "standby - A state in which your computer consumes less power when it is idle, but remains available for immediate use. While your computer is on standby, information in computer memory is not saved on your hard disk. If there is an interruption in power, the information in memory is lost."

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    Try this - instead of standby have your hd and display power down after, say, 30 minutes of inactivity. See if you can keep your connection that way. You'll find this method much easier on your system than either hibernation or standby too (uses absolutely no resources!!!).
  4. DrMetallica

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    i just tried hibernation...it takes about the same time to shut down, then does. the power is off. but when start it back up agian, it takes about the same time to boot up, then loads the same stuff you had when you put your comp into hibernation mode. but my comp would freeze for half a second then go back to normal for 5 seconds. then freeze for half a second, and this went on and on...so i just rebooted and disabled hibernation.

    I can keep an internet connection over stand-by (or maybe its just cable's "instantly connected")
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    Standby - RAM is maintained Power must be supplied to the PC for standby to continue. Remove Power and replace power and you will be faced with a normal startup as RAM was lost.

    Hibernations - RAM saved to Hard Drive. You can remove power from PC (un plug) and it will retain RAM in HD. Restore power and boot and it will return where you hibernated.