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    A friend opens a magazine full of nude women. Do you:
    [A] Openly Ogle
    Act Non-Chalant
    [C] Comment "Gee, that's got to be at least 400 dpi, color"
    [D] Ask if he's got any computer magazines

    You're at a party. A knock-out chick comes over and asks your sign. You:
    [A] Tell her it's gotta be compatible w/hers because you feel the vibes
    Pretend you do hear and ask, "How 'bout that Dow Jones, huh ?"
    [C] I don't go to parties
    [D] I don't get invited to parties

    You're at the head of a large queue in front of a cash-register. The register gives a ]beep[ and stops dead. You:
    [A] Wait patiently
    Move all your stuff to the next register
    [C] Leave the store in a huff
    [D] Break out your notebook and try to debug the thing

    You're waiting for your pills when the Druggist says the prescription database is corrupt. You:
    [A] Ask him to deliver the meds on his way home
    Ask for a generic substitute or over-the-counter substitute
    [C] Tell him you never liked the damn pills anyway
    [D] Go on-line to NIH and download a more efficient db

    A friend wants to borrow a CD from you. You:
    [A] Lend it
    Tell him to go buy it
    [C] Tell him, "neither a lender nor a borrower be"
    [D] Consult your database to see the status of the CD concerned

    You'd most like to meet:
    [A] The Playmates of the Month for 1997
    The people who wrote all the "Star Trek" episodes
    [C] Dave Letterman
    [D] The people are writing Windows 2001

    You win a prize at a local supermarket. You've got ten minutes to pack a cart with as much stuff as you can. You start:
    [A] In the beer/liquor section
    In the meat case
    [C] In the munchies section
    [D] In the health foods section

    You've been hit by a car and your life flashes before your eyes. The thing you remember most vividly is:
    [A] Your first love-making
    All the "Star Trek" episodes
    [C] What you watched on TV last night
    [D] The ASCII table

    You have to compete for a blind date. You have one statement influence her decision. You say:
    [A] I can go all night
    I've got a new BMW
    [C] I was probably busy anyway, I didn't check my date book
    [D] I've got a new super 300 mhz with 64k memory

    You feel naked without your:
    [A] 44 magnum
    [C] pants
    [D] laptop

    You see someone standing on a ledge, about to jump. You say:
    [A] I'll bet you're just trying to draw attention to yourself
    I feel you just need someone to talk to
    [C] Do you have proper life insurance coverage
    [D] Think of all the advancements in PCs in the next century

    You told your best friend the first time you:
    [A] had sex
    had a good dinner date
    [C] had a good night's sleep
    [D] successfully hacked into a secure site

    No-one understands you like:
    [A] your Parole Officer and/or bartender
    your family
    [C] your physiatrist
    [D] the help-desk people

    For your 18th birthday you wanted:
    [A] a new car and a blonde
    a new wardrobe
    [C] an apartment
    [D] your own computer room


    Mostly A's: You're a fairly normal male who'll just fritter his way thru life enjoying yourself and having a fairly good time of it

    Mostly B's: You're mostly normal, perhaps a little too practical. Probably destined for a house in the suburbs and 2.3 kids, if you're not there already

    Mostly C's: Geek Alert! Break out the pocket protectors! You probably wear horn rim glasses and use an electronic datebook and have a laptop complete with cellphone

    Mostly D's: Total Nerd. Just think -- while you wasted the time to take this inane quiz, 117 new Web pages came on line; better hurry and catch-up
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    I got C.
  3. tdinc

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    Sterling Heights, MICHIGAN
    "C" here :cool:
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    Fort Worth, Texas
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    A here. Will be down the pub watching the FA cup final on Saturday too!
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    Hmm, tie between B and D!
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    wasn't this done under another guise? ru you a geek or something?
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