PC music or Muzac?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by hefty lefty, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. hefty lefty

    hefty lefty Guest

    I was Just wondering how many people out there have the orginal Speaker set that came with there computer, or if youve upgraded your setup.
  2. blinden

    blinden OSNN Senior Addict

    Pittsburgh, Pa, USA
    I'm all about the hooking into the home stereo, view that as you may.
  3. djwhite

    djwhite OSNN Senior Addict

    I got the Hercules XPS 510 speakers, mmmm, nice cheap surround sound, not bad quality either
  4. Corolla568

    Corolla568 Guest

    i got some nice boston acoustics with my gateway a LONG time ago...and guess what...its in my new computer =c) i love them
  5. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    runnin onboard with original speakers :( i know i know onboard :p but need sum £££ b4 can do anything else
  6. Timeo27

    Timeo27 Guest

    Altec lansing speakers and a subwoofer that came with my computer. Basic, but not bad sounding at all.
  7. sboulema

    sboulema Moderator

    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    Onboard with original speakers :(
  8. madmain1

    madmain1 Guest

    4 satelite speakers + pumping subwoofer great for games.
  9. hefty lefty

    hefty lefty Guest

    I was interested because I purchase a new computer around every 18 months rather than upgrade.
    And I have never really considered the Quality of the sound system in the buying decision.
    But Im looking at a new soundcard/speaker system, But how much to spend?
    I think my favourite part of Computers is the myriad of choices and options available.
  10. Zooker

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  11. hefty lefty

    hefty lefty Guest

    This is what happened to the last two.
  12. hefty lefty

    hefty lefty Guest

    Its a floating setup.