PC MOD, painting parts of the mobo?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by joshuajme, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Right, I have an idea and am wondering if anybody can give me a technical reason as to why I might not be able to complete it. I've done fans, cables, drives and cases and would now like to get to the next step. The paint I will be using is solvent based and very easy to apply into small nooks and on small surfaces.

    I would like to paint all the small fuse type things you get on the mobo, those small black things. I would either just paint the silver bit on top or just the black plastic around it.

    Also, would it be feasible to paint the chips, like the southbridge, bios and raid controller? Just the black bit on top, without touching any of the connectors.

    Maybe the small clips that hold the sticks of ram in?

    The game/usb/ps2 ports that stick out into the case?

    Any ideas are welcome!
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    i am not totaly knowlagable about all of it but i wanted to do something like that to a robot in electonics class but the little fuse thing that i think you are talking about are resistors, personaly i would not do this, first off it is the fact that evrything creats head and paint ontop of it would be like adding a blanket to it in my mind, and second off, paints have metals in them, it mgiht connect, and third, painting hte ports on the back like the game ps2 might not be a good idea incase some gets between the metal parts and it does not ahve a good connection. but if i was going to try it i would do it on a old machine first incase it screws up, and also i know from personal experence that if you alter the MOBO in any way, like painting or adding a chipset fan will break warenty, but that is only my information that i have
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    if you insist on doint this i would suggest a burn in test then start touching parts to see whats runing hot, and not to paint the hot spots. good luck man, the glow in the dark mobo looks a nice mod.
  5. Zedric

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    Looks really cool! Be carefull though, and don't paint any hot parts like GoNz0 said.
  6. Nick M

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    Really really cool!

    Triple check what you cover and what you paint, little things are forgotten sometimes :)

    Good LUck!
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    cheers guys, well ive got a spare mobo to waste so no harm in trying. the link about spraying the mobo sounds good except you cant get uv spray paint easily in the uk, however if i get hold of some i will do that 2.

    i have found one shop but you cant buy online and i cant get hold of the 1 guy on the end of the phoneline, talk about a small operation.

    If succesfull i will post any pics, if not i will make sure ppl know not to try it.
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    aha not in stock! not for another month, i will see how much it would be to import a can from the us. any1 got know of any places that sell clear uv spray paint in the uk?
  9. another stupid mod.........
    some people have way too much time on their hands

    i remember in high school it was muscle cars..... the work i did on mine and the others that impressed me were the ones that looked stock and leave people guessing, then blow your doors off.....put the time and money where it matters. its how it ran and not how it looked( as long as it was clean)

    shinny parts and chrome don't make it run better, and sometimes can even hinder performance

    you take a computer you want to perform well, for work or gaming.... then you put a bunch of fans, a neon/cathode transformer and light and whatever else goofy stuff now your making more heat, more emf noise and now need a bigger power supply and draws more power and is noisier than what you need

    i just don't understand it..... for the price some put into one box i could make a few and get more done of what a computer was actually invented for....:huh: to each their own but dont get upset if i think its silly :p - and dont ask me to fix something once it doesnt work :eek:
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    lmao, its a hobby mate.

    I dont do it for performance, i wouldnt be stupid enough to think it makes it run faster and i'm not dumb enough to do it on my best pc.

    I certainly dont mod pc's to run loud either, it doesn't have a million 35 db fans and it doesnt have a 550w psu. And as ppl say; ''If it aint broke, mod it!''. I am quite capable of fixing anything that breaks and I use oldish parts so it doesnt matter if it breaks.

    This is one of my hoobies and I will protest against ppl slagging it off. However if you don't like it and you take the time to write about ppl who do it and say they have to much time on thier hands shouldnt ask yourself the same question?
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    hey if painting your M/B floats your boat ...go for it bud ....life is short have fun :)
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  13. i just said "i just don't understand it..... for the price some put into one box i could make a few and get more done of what a computer was actually invented for.... to each their own but don't get upset if i think its silly "

    my computer hobby consists of building them, setting up networks/servers/workstations, software, etc. stuff i can make a living at. myself, id rather have a bunch that worked well than one that was spiffy. if one here breaks i can just use another and can still get my computer fix and can never be kept from visiting here :D :D :D

    if you like it all, yea it can be neat. a window, showing a neat and organized inside is nice(most are a mess inside, not sure why you'd want to show that), like having your hood up at a car show, or a light and such. but painting the motherboard is about as useful as a fan in your mouse, for the effort the outcome is not that impressive. and screwing with such an expensive and important part of you computer is a bad idea, the heat issue alone.....

    i can and know how to do it all, just got other things to do myself. but if someone want to know how, needs help or want to pay me to do it for them then i would. i just play inside too much on mine to have it all in the way. and when you have a row of them lined up as i do you cant see inside anyway:p
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    plexi cases!!!!!!!:p
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    Something that is "stupid" to you may not be "stupid" to others. :huh:
  16. yes i thought i explained that well.............

    I'm not calling anyone stupid, i think its a stupid useless mod because you can create a collection of new problems... overheating, shorts (some paints contain metals), covering any printing or identification on the board and if it got where it shouldn't be, bad connections, some paints can burn when heated or smoke/smell....... ive seen alot/worked on alot of computers and say this from experience......

    but i guess i have to be more politically correct for fear of upsetting some one........" in my opinion i believe it is a illconveived idea and may not be the best course of action to partake in for fear of future repercussions"
    used to be you could talk normal and not have people read more into it than is there......... "i think its stupid, but if you still want to do it, go to town, just don't cry if there are problems afterwords" is all I'm saying