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    I am in the process of building a pc for a friend but have a hit a prob I cant suss out. Its an abit KD7 mobo, xp2000, 512mb pc2700, Leadteck TI 4200, soundblaster 4.1, 60 gig Maxtor hd, 16X DVD ROM and 48X CDR. It all went together easy enough the bios posted no probs. However when I try to install XP after a few seconds I got the blue screens of death and the message - irq not less or equal. Ive tried stripping the system to the basics and switching ram and video cards from my system but still run into the same probs. Ive tried manually assigning irq's but with no success (dont feel I should even need to do this on a new plug and play mobo). So whats the cause of all this, I got the feeling the mobo is knackered from the start, any ideas everyone?
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    What is your CAS set at in the BIOS?
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    Link with similar problem Link 1