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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Kr0m, Oct 10, 2007.

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    I'm new to this sort of setup. I scored an old 27" Samsung TV today for free for my room so I'm messing around with it via Video Out with my Radeon.
    I've got everything working, I'm just wondering what the optimum settings should be? Here's what I've got:
    Samsung 27" TV
    ATI Radeon x1650 AGP 512MB
    Monitor: LCD LG 19" Widescreen (normal resolution is at 1440x768, 60Hz)
    Connector: S-Video to Composite Video (audio is through my sound card/PC 4.1 speakers)

    I've figured it out how to 'extend' my desktop so I can play movies etc (or clone is another option).
    - Is extended the best option?

    I've noticed in WinXP Display Properties that I can select the TV display and choose resolutions, etc to use.
    - Right now I have it setup at 800x600 at 60Hz (32bit), are these the best settings to use for the TV (secondary display)?
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    If you are looking to have a dual-display setup than I recommend extended.

    You need to find out what the native resolution for the tele is and set the secondary display resolution to that. Your video card SHOULD automatically configure to the default resolution on the TV and show you the display modes/refreshes and all that jazz.

    Don't both with a different resolution on the tv because if it is a tube tv, it is probably a 480p type jobbie (i.e. 640x480 resolution or something like that).