PayPal Scam

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by American Zombie, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. American Zombie

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    Posting this in case others receive it.

    Came to an email address that is NOT tied to any PayPal account. :laugh:
  2. Admiral Michael

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    Gotta love it when they do that. LOL
  3. gonaads

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    There are quite a few fake PayPal e-mails floating around all saying either to update your account or that someone tried to use your account fraudulently or that the are upgrading and on and on. I sometimes enjoy filling out their crap forms with crap of my own. :p
  4. Admiral Michael

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    Hmm ;)
  5. LeeJend

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    Yeah, I was amused when I got my PAYPAL email. Especially since I never had an account. ROFLMAO
  6. Son Goku

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    rofl, sound almost like something I played on one of the password scammers once... He created an account like *battle_net, and

    So, I messaged the guy to tell him how lame this whole impersonating of is, and that those likely to fall for it are peeps that probably haven't been around long enough to get good items anyway. So he messaged me back like "ah but it's a lot of fun. Stupid n00b, I just stole another account bwahahaha"

    After he kept messaging me back and slapping himself on the back for "how clever I am" I created a bogus account "hack_me_plz, and only created 1 legit sounding char. The rest were bogus names like WhatsaMatterNoGoodItems and WhoFooledWho :laugh:

    I then dropped even the starting gear, and PMed him from the one legit looking character. Well someone fell for it, as the password got changed :D

    BTW, wrt Paypal before, I've gotten email for them concerning an account on an email address I never registered it to... BTW, there is a means to report this, though I'm not sure how much good it will do wrt Paypal. At least if they do it on Ebay, and provide their user account info in the impersonation of Ebay, umm well they could get themself banned for that sorta scam...
  7. American Zombie

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    As soon as I received the email I notified Paypal at this link with the URL in the email and the text of the message.

    Within 15 minutes a PayPal rep replied saying they did not know about this one and were now in the process of shutting it down.
  8. NetRyder

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    Heh, I get phishing emails claiming to be from banks I've never even heard of. :D
  9. gonaads

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  10. Son Goku

    Son Goku No lover of dogma

    Good to know they responded to this so quickly. Especially considering it's people's money this is dealing with :up:

    Too bad we'll never know the look on these scammer's faces when they check their logs and see this :D

    Might be about as classic as when this one scammer was out there with his "get quick rich scheme" method to avoid paying taxes. The only problem is, everyone who payed him his conference fee to "learn his secrets" ended up getting audited by the IRS. Somehow, he wasn't however. So a camera crew went to ask him about it for one news documentary show.

    He demanded they get the camera out of his face and punched the camera guy. Where upon he started yelling and demanding the police come and "arrest them now". They showed the police the tape, who then arrested him for assault instead. Whereupon a little background check was done and anomolies were found in his own tax record. The IRS was, well interested :laugh:
  11. Kr0m

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    I just got one of these emails (first time, yay!). I remembered the posts on here about paypal scams and immediately became suspect of it. I decided to read the email (via Hotmail) just to check it out, pretty convincing. The email stated
    The email provided the following links for me to click on:
    - disguised as ( <-- obvious no no, but for an unsuspecting person, it might look legit if they didn't look at the URL when their mouse hovered over the IP
    - disguised as, not so obvious.

    Just because I was still unsure if it was a scam or not, I went to my paypal account (no, not via the links provided in the email) to see if there were any notices like the one previously stated... of course there weren't any.

    I managed to find the following on the site regarding fraudulant emails, it may be usefull for some in regards of what to look for when getting these scam emails:

  12. Son Goku

    Son Goku No lover of dogma

    I got one of these one time. But to make matters stranger, it came in on the wrong email address, aka not the one I had registered with Pay Pal... But yeah, when getting one of these things, best just to try to login directly (without using the email). They'll tell you upon login if they need something...

    Oh, and definitely OT, but how are these people getting these addresses. I've never given out my gmail addy to anyone, registered at any site with it, or used it in any way. I haven't typed it anywhere online (no spam bots could have scoured it from forum posts or wherever else).
  13. Steevo

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    My favorite.



    Most of the tiem it is something of the sort. I haev also traded e-mails them PM with a scammer in France, he was sending stuff supposedly from Africa (Nigerian gov official) with a French free Yahoo account. Hey, it was fun. and the acciounts are free so who cares. I was a rich white guy from Germany.