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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rattysplatt, Nov 8, 2002.

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    I am unable to access an account set up in xp.

    Even when the correct password is entered, the machine initalises and goes to the desktop, only for the login/password screen to be displayed asking for the username and password.

    This is continuously repeated, access to the machine only occurs for intervals between the login display being repeated.

    The correct password is accepted, but the machine get caught in a never ending loop asking for password and login name.

    I can set up a new account with no problems, but the old account is corrupt, changing the password under admistrator does not work.

    I further get a message two users on the machine when I force a shut down.

    It appears there is a repeat until in the setup of the security coding.

    Has anyone had this problem or know where xp stores the coding for the security file.



  2. Tabula Rasa

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    I'm assuming what you say is true, and your not trying to hack some poor fellow.
    The Password file in XP/NT/2000 (also called the SAM database) is located in C:\*Windir*\System32\Config\Sam.
    The problem is that unlike in windows 98 , the NT password file is much harder to read/decompile/hack. ofcourse there are tools for that, but you wont find them here.

    I suggest you create a new account, rescue any information from the old one and delete it.
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    Does sound like something has become corrupt, can you still create a new user?
  4. Tabula Rasa

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    Since i found an app that seems to legal and got EP's approval (i think , would it kill you to answer with a yes or no???).
    here is the link:

    Its a 15 day trial, but i guess you wont need ot for more.
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    Possible simple explanation: -

    If the folder you created was not a “master” it will inherit the security of the parent or grandparent. Also if you used the cut and paste method the above will apply. Try using the copy command to a pre-designed folder or directory.