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    My notebook computer has a 2.4GHz P4 with 512MB memory and is running XP Pro. I have partitioned the 40 GB drive into a 18GB partition (C:) for the OS and a 20GB for everything else.

    About once a week, for no apparent reason it suddenly starts running dead slow because something!! is making the CPU run continuously at about 95%. Crtl-alt-del tells me only that the system is usuing around 95% of the CPU.

    Each time I repair or reinstall the OS.

    It happened again yesterday and I reformatted partition C. Now I have the system back up on C but the OS does not "see" the other partition.

    HoW can I activate this other partition?

    Any ideas on why I get these regular slow downs (15 minutes to laod OS and about 10 minutes to open Word.

    many thanks.
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    can partition magic view the partitions? if so, it can tell you if it is corrupt. I sometimes get a slow down on start up with the same thing you are talking about, when i retart its fine. soo try that. do you know what application is causeing all that usage? Under Processes?