partition not showing correct amount

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ThePiston, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. ThePiston

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    One of my partitions is not showing the size it is. When I use fdisk, it shows correctly as 22GB, but in Windows it shows 5.5GB. I thought it was my windows, so I dumped a ghost image onto it and this new Windows also says the wrong size. Anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it without formatting and re-partitioning?
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    first off, did this just start doing this or is it a new drive for you?

    I have seen this once before. It was when I played with my bios settings for my hard drive. I had switched my translation methods around for my hard drive: LBA, Large, and normal. If you have messed with these settings, this is probably it. Hint: ensure your bios hard drive/EIDE settings are set to "auto".

    Try checking all of your jumper settings and ensure they are correct.

    Next I would try to delete all partitions on the drive and rebuild the partition table since you have an image. With an image, this will take no time.

    Hope this helps!