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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DJC, Dec 27, 2003.

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    I have a P4 2.4GHz Laptop running XP Home (Fully updated) and Partition Magic Version 8.0 (Build 1242) 16/09/2002 and Norton Ghost. I also have a 114GB Maxtor external Firewire hard drive.

    XP/Computer Management/Disk Management tells me that the Firewire drive is healthy. Partition Magic tells me that the single partition on the Firewire Drive is bad. Everything else seems to work OK with the Firewire Drive.

    I have set up IBM DOS disks for Ghost including Firewire Drivers, but it also refuses to have anything to do with the firewire Dive,

    Why does Partition Magic tell its bad and why does it and Ghost refuse to do anything with it? All attempts, such as format (PM), backup (Ghost) always returns an error?

    Many thanks in anticipation.
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    Sounds like there is something wrong with the partition itself, which would rule out formatting. FDISK and delete the partition and make a new one. Or if you can't access that drive with FDISK, PartitionMagic may have an option to scratch the partition and make a new one, or if you have a setup disk that came the hard drive you may refer to that for some diagnostics or to zero the drive.
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    The problem is that PM can not access the drive to make the changes and neither can i access it using DOS - so no FDISK.