Paint Programs?

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  1. i've seen so many pics and fonts that ppl have drawn in paint programs......that are so awesome, they have so many different fonts and 3d graphics, its so nice, the programs i have now are PSP 7 and Windows Paint, thats it, does anyone know of any GREAT! paint programs with excellent fonts?
  2. JJB6486

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    Adobe Photoshop
  3. Geffy

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    Yep Photoshop, some of the 3d things are Photoshop made. Type or create a 2d image, add some inner bezel to it and it looks 3d. Great proggie.
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    adobe all the way !
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    Screen Capture & Paint programs?

    I have Photoshop 7, but do not know much about fonts—Adobe should be the best. I have done some research on basic paint programs that will also capture a screen. For a time I was using “Ctrl,” “Print Screen,” and MS Paint—too many steps. I am now using “Capture Professional v5.03a” Has anyone used this program or paint programs that do both capture and paint? I also looked a lot at “HyperSnap-DX,” “Snagit,” or “ClipMate”, but there extra features where closer to video than paint—any one know of a medium sized paint program that works well with either of these three Screen Capture programs? I wanted a paint program that was better than MS Paint, but not as big as Photoshop.
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    photoshop doesnt really come packed with fonts, it comes with a few commercial fonts, but if your looking at peoples footers on their posts most of those fonts are most likely free from those free font sites....