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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jona29, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. jona29

    jona29 Guest

    does any one know how to fix this error
    everytime i log on to my pc (running xp pro)
    i get the error message that windows has created a temporary page file as there was a problem with configuring your page file at logon
    then it asks me to restart windows to correct this
    it dosent matter wether i use a custom size page file or a windows managed page file
    every time i reboot for the changes to take place my pc just stays at the log on screen until i ctrl+alt+del
    then i get the same error message all over again
    my page file is stuck at zero

    hope fully some one will have a cure for the problem:(
  2. joe333

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    I would set xp to use no page file
    Delete the pagefile.sys
    Set the xp page file to whatever u want
    .Im at work so I cant test this
    Hopefully it would let you delete the pagefile.sys if xp is not
    Using it...
  3. jona29

    jona29 Guest

    page file

    well i tried your idea but no luck
    so it looks like i have to keep trying
    i dont really fancy the idea of running xp through again to find that it hasent solved the problem
    isnt there a reg edit i can use to put the page file value straight in to the registry:mad:
  4. joe333

    joe333 Guest

    whoops I forgot to say do a scandisk
  5. jona29

    jona29 Guest


    nope even doing a scan disk didnt cure it it just trunkated at least 10 files
    what about a defrag?
    will try one any way better than doing nothing at all i suppose
    thanks for the help any way

    ps win xp pro
  6. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Re: arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh

    If chkdsk found that many errors, you have more problems then just your page file being corrupt. This could be just the first symptom of something worse... back up all your stuff while you're still able to and do a clean installation is your best bet.