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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jayfaas, Dec 18, 2001.

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    If only I knew how to turn this off, I would love it for real. I like to play CS as well as all the other guys in here. I play it lots, but ever since I updated to Windows XP Pro, I get these errors and boy will it drive you crazy. I built my own system that has:

    AMD XP 1900
    Radeon 8500
    512MB SDRAM
    Abit KT7-RAID motherboard

    and have a Compaq downstairs that runs an AMD 700Mhz Duron with an Nvidia Vanta/VantaLT.

    I get the same problem with both, although the compaq usually freezes up. I will be playin counter-strike and when I hit escape to change something or accidentally hit the window button that brings up the start menu, it will minimize cs and if im lucky, it will go back okay, but 99% of the time I will try to go back and I get this blue screen that says something about "Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area" and at the bottom it lists a driver called "awvid5.dll". I think it is a driver for the radeon and I think its a driver related problem, although I have heard that PC Anywhere uses that same driver, but back when i didnt have PC Anywhere installed and I had the PCI Nvidia Vanta in this computer, I was gettin the same errors. I was told to try to turn off certain BIOS settings such as fast write, and I tried that and it still does it, and it drives me crazy. Sometimes, I will even try just to go into counter-strike after I copy an IP from gamespy, and the damn thing does the same error page, and it restarts my system EVERYTIME:mad: If anyone can tell me what to do and how to turn this crap off, I will love you forever. And then, when it does restart, it tries to do checkdisk which I didnt find unusual, but I will cancel them and it takes forever for Windows to finally come up. It just sits there at that blue screen and says Chkdsk has been cancelled or whatever. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP
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    I couldnt successfully make the bootable floppy because when I tried restarting my pc with the boot disk in there, it said "Remove all media and your pc will be restarted". What now?:confused:
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    Does'nt that motherboard have a V/A chipset? If so get the 4in1 and agp patches from This might help.
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    I installed that patch. I couldnt get it workin without it. As far as the 4 in 1 drivers go, I just installed them but havent tried them out yet