P4 Northwood 2.4, GigaByte GA-8IK1100, GigaByte 3D Cooler Pro

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    Well.... seeing as i MIGHT be a bit hard-pressed for cash for the 8800GTX upgrade that i SOOOOO want.... and the fact that this has been sitting in my bedroom for quite a long time now (probably about a year)... figured i'd see if anyone is interested in it here, then might try to eBay it.

    It's my old P4 proc, mobo, and cooler, as far as i know still working... worked when i took it out for the upgrade..... and has been sitting in my room collecting not too much dust while sitting on an anti-static bag. The motherboard supports Dual Channel DDR400. The CPU is easily overclockable to 3.0Ghz.... even slightly higher, compared to it's 2.4Ghz stock clock, still at it's stock voltage. If it's taken over 3Ghz though, the fan speed on the 3D Cooler Pro will have to be turned up a bit while idle, and quite a bit while gaming (had it overheat to the point of restart once due to forgetting to do this..... didn't harm the CPU though). I would test it out right now.... but i don't have any DDR sitting around.... nor do i have an AGP video card available (besides my old GeForce4 Ti4200... which has been dead for a LONG time). My friend would probably be able to bring me over both of the above.... but he tends to be one helluva lazy bastard when it comes to doing something requiring effort. Guess that's the one bad thing about not having any on-board video. links to pics follow:


    product info page:


    Kinda lookin for MAYBE $100.... possibly a tad less.... maybe a tad more if the buyer is willing to donate to my "ED *cough*needs*cough* an upgrade fund"..... i dunno. think i've seen the processor on eBay for around 50-60....