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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aletank, Aug 4, 2002.

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    My Brother who is on holiday at the mo has just checked his web mail and found this. He's just phoned me about it. Has anyone else received this or similar. Do you guys think it's a hoax?What do u think he should do??

    Dear Mr ****

    It has come to our attention that yourself or someone in your household have been pirating and distributing software for home computers using Peer to Peer software

    We are not sure if you are aware of the severity of this crime but we would like to remind you that anyone caught using/selling and or distributing pirated software can face a jail sentance of up to 3 years and a £5000 fine.

    We at Microsoft have been making enquiries for quite a while now and found that you are a frequent user/distributor of pirated software. We have passed the information we have gathered to your ISP (PIPEX) and have informed local authority(Local Trading Standards) of this crime and would like you to reply to this e-mail to make arrangement to visit one of Your local Trading Standards Offices to hand over all software/hardware held by yourself.Failure to do so will result in a:police Visit b:Seizure of all goods (software/hardware) pertaining to the use and distrubution of pirated software.

    Please do not hesitate in replying to this e-mail
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    Its only real if its sent BY the persons ISP genrally i know some1 one verizon with similar msg in his mail and was very real lol he was a dumbass about it he replied and carboned it to microsoft and macromedia tellin verizon hey i got it off your news groups and i have now deleted as you asked but still why do you allow it if its illegal