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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by paul_43, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. paul_43

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    I used Napster, old version of morpheus.. they are great.. fast download speed. ( I know Napster is not peer 2 peer ). But now.. I tried Kazaa, XoloX, morpheus ... and some other p2p softwares.. and if I am lucky enough to find a file I am after... it will only download at < 1kb per second... I have a LAN... is that the reason that it's downloading at this speed?? it doesn't seem like working well with LAN... any solutions?? or it is slow for everyone?? I don't have firewall on and I have cable connection.
  2. paul_43

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    but always <1kb ... never go faster then 2 kb ... I used to have more then 150k .....
  3. chastity

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    well I think that problem is related to the type of protocol they use. I would suggest winmx if u really into p2p stuff. as I've heard its about the best
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    I use DC++, Really Good and KaZaA Lite + Diet K of course.

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    but the best for movies and software is edonkey
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    I use Kazaa lite with the Speed up tool. Works great for me. :D
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    Yeah, WinMX is the best p2p, especially for music. I've tried pretty much everything and I came back to WinMX.

    I have essentially the same config as you, and have never had any problems like you're describing, though I never did get very good speeds on kazaa or xolox.

    My suggestion: Give WinMX a try and see if there's a problem there too.
  8. xsk8zerox

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    ahh i hate winmx.. i hate p2p actually
  9. paul_43

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    I tried WinMx last night... same.. and it said it can't recieve TCP package... but should work ok.... it said.. slow anyway.. whole night couldn't download a song... that's how slow it was...
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    I miss the old Morpheus and Napster... they worked great.. there may be a problem with my config on the network... but not sure what... any idea?