***p L E A S E H E L P!!!! - Page File

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ed2k, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. ed2k

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    ***p L E A S E H E L P!!!!

    Hello. I use Win XP Pro. I run my computer for a few days and the pagefile shown in the Task Manager get larger and larger. When the green bars reach the top my pc crashes ans I have to reboot.

    What can I do to minimize or clear the file and not reboot? Thanks:rolleyes:
  2. MdSalih

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    what do u mean by "pagefile" in task manager?

  3. Lactic.Acid

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    That is called a memory leak. You are running software that is allocating more and more memory without deallocating it. This happens when the program is full of shitty code. Your solution: figure out what you're running that is doing this and stop running it. Or reboot before you crash, so you do not risk losing data.
  4. ed2k

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    I have 512mb of ram and when I see the the PF usage is high, I use Tweak XP to release memory. It works fine with the memory but does nothing to reduce PF usage.
  5. Lactic.Acid

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    A pagefile is used as a RAM cache. If one program is running and uses 100megs of RAM but is idle while another program is started that needs 100megs of RAM, (if, say, you had less than 256 MB RAM) some of the 100MB of the first program's RAM usage would be moved to the pagefile to free up the RAM for the program being used at the moment. Defragging your RAM is all fine and dandy, but the pagefile is not actually considered RAM and is unaffected by that.

    Because of this though, if a program has a memory leak, Windows will keep caching more and more RAM which has been allocated by this bad code. The only solution to this AFAIK is reboot or stop using the offending program.
  6. ed2k

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    I went to the Task Manager and looked at the processes. I closes a "svchost.exe" application there. After that my pagefile was reduced from 3 gigs to 150mb. Wow!!

    After I did that I could not access my audio. I use Creative PCI 512 sound card.

    Besides that windows worked fine. I guess theit software has a memory leakage!! Damn!! I have a surround sound system so I need their software. What can I do?
  7. AndyP

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    Yeah, if you used the native driver it has a memory leak, but try to download the latest driver from Creative and your problems should be solved.
  8. ed2k

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    Will do!!! Thanks for your help.

    I just upgraded. Hope it works!!

    I run a server and hate restarting the pc all the time.
  9. XP PRO

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    That can be a problem.. heh
  10. ed2k

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    No the server is not a prob. Before the creativr drivers I could run XP for 5 days with the server.

    Is there anything that can clear the Pagefile? There should be something.