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  1. forcer

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    what is everyones thoughts on overclocking?

    can any advanced computer user overclock their computer?

    when overclocking what sort of extra cooling do u need? like loads of fans or other cooling **** or just an extra fan or something?

    if ur computer is overclocked is it possible to return it its original state?

    is there any sites with tutorials or useful info.

    ...i'm not so much planning anything i would just like the possibility as i gotten in the mood for modding my computer and case so i want to know more.

    thanx to any1 that replies.
  2. Mr Dead

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    If you want to have a go at overclocking you got to go with an XP1700 JIUHB DLT3C, you can pick them up for £45 and they hit 2.2 gig on air no probs at all. Ive water cooled mine and have it running at 2.5 gig 100% stable. Youll need some tidy memory to hit those high fsb's like Twinmos PC3200 winbond (about £80 for 512mb) and a tidy heatsink/fan like a Thermalright SLK-900.

    www.cpucity.co.uk - XP1700 JIUHB DLT3C - £43
    www.komplett.co.uk - Twinmos pc3200 winond - £81
    www.overclockers.co.uk - SLK-900 - £52

    With this setup you should hit 12X200 (2.4 gig) no probs.