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  1. nevs

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    i have a geforce 3 ti 200 with the nvidia detnator drivers 29.20 and i when u right click on desktop, settings, advanced then it has a overclocking tab. ?

    how much should u overclock?

    plz help my specs are
    kt-133 7ea
    AuthenticAMD AMD Athlon(tm) Processor at 1ghz 266fsb
    256MB RAM
    60% system resources free
    nvidia ge force 3 ti 200
  2. fitfella29

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    the default settings for youre card are 175/400 so try o/c`ing it to say 195/440.
  3. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    Yup, most cards will take 10% overclocking.
    Make sure the card is well cooled 1st
  4. Taurus

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    move the core clock bar up in 5mhz increments with about 5 minutes of benchmarking in between to check for errors or anomolies. keep moving it up until it locks up or you see strange things, then move it back down 5 or 10mhz.

    then do the same with the memory setting. find your video card's peak. }:>

    i got a 10% boost in core frequency and 20% boost in memory frequency on mine, for instance. i heard gf3 ti200's are quite overclockable.