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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by a dreams forever, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I got the Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50 to overclock my CPU. The guide I went to got me up to 4ghz (EVGA X58 Overclocking Guide). I start the computer and the idle temp is 60. Everything shows that it is 4gz. I run prime 95 and once it goes to 100% load the temp flies to 90-100 then back down to 60 so I thought it was ok but when I look closely instead at running at 4ghz it is running at the 2.6 default.

    I checked coretemp and cpuid and both say it is running at 2.6 I stop and exit prime 95 and coretemp/cpuid jumps back up to showing 4210ghz.

    I run Grand theft auto 4 and everything is running great at 60 fps. I looked at the temps and they were around 85-90. I drive around some and it hits back to 40fps. I look at the temps and it says 60 but the core is back down to 2.6. I exit the game and wait a few minutes and the ghz go back up to 4. What is going on? Did I install the fan wrong? I went through it step by step.

    My first OC :)

    it shows this before any tests or running games :


    it shows this after running a game or prime95 :


    I have a 750 watt power supply if that helps any.
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    I'm assuming those temps are in Celsius and if so, they are seriously too high. The cpu is downclocking because it is too hot. Sounds like the cooler is not mounted correctly. Did you use thermal paste?

    1) Make sure the cooler is mounted correctly with a good thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5, etc).
    2) Start small. Increase clocks by small increments and check for stability while monitoring temps. Once you notice instability, back off by 5-10 mhz.
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    Yeah, those temps are way too high. I agree with dreamliner77 on all counts. Be glad your CPU is monitoring its core temperature and throttling itself when they exceed safe/acceptable levels.
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    Make sure you havn't set your voltages too high.
    Not all cpu's are identical in terms of overclocking capabilities. Some get hotter than others.
    I can only squeeze 3.4ghz stable out of my q9450. I should be getting at least 3.6ghz.:cry: