overclocking amd athlon 1.2 ghz

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by redrogue14, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. redrogue14

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    can someone please tell me how to overclock my cpu 1.2ghz athlon on my motherboard asus a7v133 whats the cpu vcore? and whats the cpu exteranl frequency setting (dsw switches) and whats the cpu core bus frequency multiple (dsfid switches)? what are all of those on my bios? does that have somethingto do with overclocking my cpu and whats the highest my cpu 1.2 can go to what settings should i put? please help! thanks

  2. Shawn319

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    Before trying to overclock, make sure your CPU cooling system is up to the challenge. If your using the stock fan/heatsync your probably going to run into problems overlocking.
  3. redrogue14

    redrogue14 Guest

    ok im know im using a volcano II double ball bearing fan for my cpu. im fine just how do i overclock it people!?

  4. Santamanne

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    You need to connect the L1 bridges in your prosessor, you can do that with a normal pencil (the lead conducts elec.) or with silverglue.
  5. redrogue14

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    they are! i need to learn how to overclock using my bios anyone have A7V133 Motherboard im trying to overclock my cpu amd athlon 1.2ghz to the highest possible!

  6. Santamanne

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    check does your bios have SoftMenu III thingy

    anyways, there should be an option where you can change the multiplier, voltage, etc
  7. redrogue14

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    awardbios setup utility i think? i have

  8. Bootsy

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    i have that same board (sux a big fat one). In the bios under advances, you can change the multiplier...mine goes from 1000mhz to 1333mhz...stable