Overclocking a P4, 1.4ghz

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by camarophreak, May 7, 2002.

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    OK guys. Have looked all over the net to find a straight answer to my question. Can I and if so, how to overclock my P4 1.4 GHz system.

    P4 1.4 HGz, Socket 423
    ECS, M921LR MotherBoard
    640 MB SDRAM
    2-80mm Blowholes on top, 3 80mm on back, 1 80mm in front, 1 80mm blowing over CPU inside case, 1 120mm on CPU

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    They wouldn't help me either. That site sux a$$!!
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    Well, I decided to go into the BIOS and try some things myself. And I got it to work. I figured if I changed the FSB to 110, it would do something. So I got it to go to 1540 from 1400 (14 Multiplier x 110 FSB). And its stable and no heat increase. I may try and go a little more today. But I don't know how far to go?

    Anyway, thanks for all your help anyway!!
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    Hey camarophreak what mobo are you using. I have an MSI 6339 and I can only change my voltage/frquency not the bus :( . Any one have any ideas? Yeah I did up the frequency from 14 to 15 but it was stilled locked at 1400.
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    I'm using the ECS M921LR, I'm using this cause it supports SDRAM and the 423 socket CPU. I want to get the Abit BW7, which supports them both as well.

    Just change the FSB and then you can overclock your P4. What speed P4 you have?
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    I'm glad to see a P4 user overclock.... since your up to 1540 try for 1600 then you'll be as fast as a AMD 1 ghz...LOL

    (just kidding):D