Overclocked Geforce 4 Xtasy Ti 4200 faster than the 4600

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by CyrusAirwalker, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Its true. I recently installed a huge tornadoe heatsink on my card along with ram heatsinks and needless to say I squeezed a tad more out of my card than that the Ti 4600 produces. The card runs extremely stable with no flaws. I guess the 20 bucks for the fan was worth saving 200 bucks on the video card huh? Just for those of you who who were looking to upgrade your video card, get the 4200! It wonk cost near as much and will perform better than the 4600 if you overclock it. And if your thinking about overclocking the 4600 much, dont because the it will not overclock the way you would expect it to. For some reason the GPU on the 4600 runs alot hotter than any other.
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    is that with the 64mb or 128mb version? the 64mb has faster ram by default. do you know what the speed is of your video ram? 3.6ns? 3.5ns? and who makes the memory modules on it?
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    i heard in certain benchmarks that sometimes, the gf3 runs faster than a gf4 for unknown reasons. I'll be getting a gf3 ti500 soon.
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    just thought i'd say ATI