Overall instability in a Celeron system

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by panloaf, Jan 28, 2002.

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    I moved one of my machines from 98 to XP in an effort to get a relatively stable system (as 98 was proving more difficult to maintain than it was worth). Unfortunately, XP is almost as unstable, and it appears to be hardware related (as it will reboot almost entirely at random).
    I plan to check what processes are running in the background tonight, and whether the "Auto-reboot" 'feature' is enabled.

    As it is, can anyone tell me if there is anything that could be fundamentally wrong with this hardware setup (I have tried disabling and enabling ACPI in it's entirety, both in the BIOS and XP - it does not appear to be power related):

    FIC VL-603 motherboard (v1.2 PCB, latest BIOS, Intel EX(LX) chipset, onboard Yamaha sound)
    Intel Celeron 433
    128Mb SDRAM (2x 64Mb DIMMs)
    Matrox G400 DH graphics card
    Generic Realtek 10Mbps NIC

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    did you use the latest bios from your motherboard maker? and the latest drivers?
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    From browsing thru newsgroups and forums It's my suggestion that it could be your graphics card. I have seen many posts of problems with reboots and that video card with windows xp.

    I'm not sure that this is your problem but it's worth trying.
    Good Luck!