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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TR!GG3R, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    how do i remove this throbber (see atach) without removing the internet explorer or the 1 where u go in my comp ???:confused:
  2. Gary Pandher

    Gary Pandher Moderator

    hmm..very informative pic
    lol...i dunno..sorry..buh dun worry..someone will
  3. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    waddya mean informative ?:confused:
  4. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    no1 no ideas then :(
  5. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    There is a way to it. I read about it last week. It might have been in a newsletter which I've already deleted. Try this site.
  6. TR!GG3R

    TR!GG3R Guest

    i tried that site its no ggod it only tells u how to edit it i need it deleteing but only in outlook express not ie aswell :(
  7. Is it really that big of a deal? its just a little 2x2 (?) logo