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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tecnomuzik, Oct 4, 2002.

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    Using Outlook XP, is there anyway one can create a group with every single contact in that group, and send one e-mail to that group, but do it in a way so when the person opens the e-mail, it looks like it was sent just to them? I have a client that wants to send out an advertising e-mail in about a month and wants to do it this way, so it looks a little more personal. Any ideas?


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    From the toolbar hit NEW by the right black arrow and choose DISTRIBUTION LIST from the drop down menu.
    Place all addresses you want to spam into the list you are creating.
    Then on with the message composition, you have to put the distribution list in the field named CCN (right below CC field), if you don't see it choose VIEW-->CCN FIELD from the new-message window.

    CCN field hides the list/address to all people receiving that message, they will only see the sender and the main destination address (TO field).
    I usually send these message to my personal address as the main destination. This will assure you the message is sent correctly and will give a trusted appearance to all people receiving it for the message will appear coming from a reliable person(or company).
    Don't spam too much though and be as discreet as you can... everybody (and myself most) hate this.
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    Right, I messed around with this last night and did exactly what you said, but what my client is looking for, is when john q opens his e-mail, the message will have only john q listed as the sender, and nobody else, and if suzie q opens the e-mail, it will have her name listed.
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    I dont help spammers :(