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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Leo, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. Leo

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    I have a quick question. On outlook express when i add a new email account and click "send and receive" , Outlook Express check for email for both accounts at the same time wich i don't want because i want to give the other person a little privacy instead of everytime i check my email, i get his/hers as well.
    Anybody know how to change that???
    Thanks !
  2. lechtard

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    Go to tools, accounts, then click mail, highlight the mail service you don't want to include in the mail retrieval, then click properties, at the bottom of of the general tab you will see "include this account when receiving or synchronizing" un-check it.

    then when you want to receive mail on that account just click the arrow beside the send and receive and select that mail service.

    hope this helps.
  3. dav3st

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    If you look for privacy then add a new identity for the other account in outlook express, or better add another account on the system
    by the way, you can clear the mark "Include this account when ..." in the account configuration, or from the arrow in the "Send/receive" button, from what account you want check for new mails
    sorry for my english, i hope you understand
  4. lechtard

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    Yeah Adding another identity will work also .
  5. Leo

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    Thanks guys !!
    I did uncheck the option to retrieve email for the other account but i thought that every time i wanted to check email for both accounts i would have to go back to tools and check the option again.